THE AICC(WA) & THE AGENCY – Property Lunch

THE AICC(WA) & THE AGENCY - Property Lunch


June 15, 2023


11:30 AM


02:45 AM


WA Italian Club 217 - 225 Fitzgerald St. West Perth


THE AGENCY, MORTGAGE & FINANCE, Bendigo Bank, Schaffer Corporation Limited, PKF, Chestnut Grove

THE AICC(WA) & THE AGENCY - Property Lunch

“Have we been here before,
or will it be different this time?”

The Perth property market has at times been counterintuitive to national movement,
based on migration driven demand and supply, historic trends, and demographic profiles.
Commentary suggests that in the year ahead we will see the full impact of rising interest
rates, due to many fixed rate mortgages now reaching term. The question remains, will
monetary policy to lift interest rates risk driving Australia into recession? What does this
mean for the local property market and most importantly, what are the wise decisions
we can make as we venture into a high rates cycle that has not been experienced for
some time? Our expert panel will address this along with your own questions over lunch.