Omnia Jobfit Profiling

Getting the Right Person into the Right Job

High level productivity starts with “getting the right person into the right job.”  Now the AICC(WA) has special access to the world leading Omnia job fit and career fit profiling systems.

Every person has a preferred job type, a preferred work style and preferred work environment. So, it is critical to spend time selecting the person that best fits any job on these three dimensions. Omnia research shows that people in jobs matching their preferred dimensions will perform at the highest levels, while those in poorly matched jobs become easily demotivated.

The Omnia® Profile gives insight into a job candidate’s natural work behaviours and fit, before investing in follow-up interviews and training, providing pre-employment assessment support throughout your hiring processes.  It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, is independently validated as 93 percent accurate and is free of age, race, gender and cultural bias, compiling with all regulatory hiring and HR guidelines. 

• Full analyst profile $350 plus GST

• Computer generated profile $150 plus GST

AICC(WA) Members & Sponsors receive 10% discount.