Perception Mapping for Organisations

Customised Work Culture Diagnostics

Every workplace consists as a series of unique subcultures formed in all the work teams, departments and business units. Perception Mapping (PM) provides fully customised diagnostic surveying to help understand each subculture and what interventions are needed to improve the performance of any group.

Helping organisations understand that, in the very best performing workplaces, people really enjoy coming to work and perform at their best when they are treated well, are engaged, and having fun.

Leaders in every organisation need cultural intelligence to identify where cultural interventions are required, including but not limited to finding where staff feel they are being poorly treated, where they feel dis-engaged from the decisions that affect their work, where they feel dis-empowered and unable to self-manage, where they are being poorly led, and where they are unable to speak up on any issue because they fear retribution.

Deployed internationally by more than 1,000 organisations in 10 countries, PM has been providing customised culture diagnostics for over 20 years.

By special arrangement, The AICC(WA) now provides members and sponsors with access to this well proven fully customised diagnostic surveying process, at AICC(WA) discounted rates.

• Survey setup investment $1,895 plus GST

• Question and statement customisation $995 plus GST

• Survey reports $295-$395 per report depending on volume plus GST

AICC(WA) Members & Sponsors receive 10% discount.