membership offerings Memberships The AICC(WA) consistently provides outstanding value for its members with multiple levels of membership available to ensure businesses and individuals get the most out of their membership. Some additional benefits of an exclusive membership at the AICC(WA) are as follows: Fostering meaningful connections within the local business community; Furthering existing business relationships […]
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Cyber Resilient Services

The AICC(WA) now has Dr Craig Valli from SafenSecureCyber as our in-house resident expert in Cyber Security and Resilience, offering comprehensive cyber services available to Members.

Dr Valli and his colleague Dr Ian Martinus at safensecurecyber are now available to AICC(WA) Members with a range of bespoke cyber services including:

All SafenSecureCyber services are customized for small to large organisations and can be designed for one-off project requirements, or as part of an ongoing ‘protect, maintain and recover’ process to create increased cyber resilience.

AICC(WA)’s In house Resident Expert Dr Craig Valli FACS MAISA has over 35 years’ experience in the computing, information and communication technology industry. Craig conducts research and consults to industry and government on cyber security and digital forensics matters.

One of Craig’s greatest strengths is his ability to convey highly technical information to a wide variety of audiences across multi- disciplinary fields and jurisdictions. The collaborations in which he engages canvass policy, strategy and technical developments and inputs to achieve better outcomes at a local, national and international level.

Craig led the AICC(WA)’s Security Delegation to Israel in 2016 with David Irvine AO, former Director General of ASIO and former Chair of Australian Cyber Security Research Institute.


Dr Craig Valli

Perception Mapping for Organisations

Customised Work Culture Diagnostics

Every workplace consists as a series of unique subcultures formed in all the work teams, departments and business units. Perception Mapping (PM) provides fully customised diagnostic surveying to help understand each subculture and what interventions are needed to improve the performance of any group.

Helping organisations understand that, in the very best performing workplaces, people really enjoy coming to work and perform at their best when they are treated well, are engaged, and having fun.

Leaders in every organisation need cultural intelligence to identify where cultural interventions are required, including but not limited to finding where staff feel they are being poorly treated, where they feel dis-engaged from the decisions that affect their work, where they feel dis-empowered and unable to self-manage, where they are being poorly led, and where they are unable to speak up on any issue because they fear retribution.

Deployed internationally by more than 1,000 organisations in 10 countries, PM has been providing customised culture diagnostics for over 20 years.

By special arrangement, The AICC(WA) now provides members and sponsors with access to this well proven fully customised diagnostic surveying process, at AICC(WA) discounted rates.

• Survey setup investment $1,895 plus GST

• Question and statement customisation $995 plus GST

• Survey reports $295-$395 per report depending on volume plus GST

AICC(WA) Members & Sponsors receive 10% discount.


Omnia Jobfit Profiling

Getting the Right Person into the Right Job

High level productivity starts with “getting the right person into the right job.”  Now the AICC(WA) has special access to the world leading Omnia job fit and career fit profiling systems.

Every person has a preferred job type, a preferred work style and preferred work environment. So, it is critical to spend time selecting the person that best fits any job on these three dimensions. Omnia research shows that people in jobs matching their preferred dimensions will perform at the highest levels, while those in poorly matched jobs become easily demotivated.

The Omnia® Profile gives insight into a job candidate’s natural work behaviours and fit, before investing in follow-up interviews and training, providing pre-employment assessment support throughout your hiring processes.  It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, is independently validated as 93 percent accurate and is free of age, race, gender and cultural bias, compiling with all regulatory hiring and HR guidelines. 

• Full analyst profile $350 plus GST

• Computer generated profile $150 plus GST

AICC(WA) Members & Sponsors receive 10% discount.

The Ideation Game

Capturing Collective Genius for Profit

The AICC(WA) offers members access to The Ideation Game – a simple and sophisticated platform which captures winning ideas of all the workforce.


People go to work each day for the money but perform based on how valued they feel. More specifically, how well they are treated and how well their ideas are received.  Every organisation has a collective genius sitting in the combined knowledge and intelligence of their workforce. But how do you harness a collective genius?

Quite simply, by creating an environment where it’s easy for everyone to submit ideas on how their organisation can become more productive and financially successful. An environment where no idea is a bad idea, and no idea is lost. That’s where the Ideation Game comes into play.

As a modern idea capture platform, The Ideation Game is a fun way to engage everyone in the idea sharing that makes work more fun, while improving financial performance. The Ideation Game:

• Rent the Platform $500 per month plus GST
• Buy the Code $39,500 plus GST

AICC(WA) Members & Sponsors receive 10% discount.


TLC Culture Check

Tracking Crucial Culture Dimensions in Your Organisation on an Ongoing Basis

The best way to know how happy and productive employees are, is to regularly track how they are feeling.

Most progressive organisations survey their work cultures at least once a year, but is that really enough? Daily work experiences can alter individual feelings very quickly, so once a year is often inadequate if an organisation wants to understand and act fast on any cultural changes.

Factor analytic research by Perception Mapping, using 8.5 million data points, has identified five Crucial Culture Dimensions driving high performing workplaces. The dimensions form the TLC Culture Check, designed to help organisations measure and compare their culture on a continuous basis.
The 5 dimensions identify how well a work culture is operating.

In high performance and productive workplaces, staff always:

Contact: for your 30-Day FREE trial

• Cost thereafter: One dollar per response plus GST

AICC(WA) Members & Sponsors receive 10% discount.

Hyatt Regency Perth

Timeless Luxury at Hyatt Regency Perth at 15% off for AICC(WA) Members & Sponsors

Located on the foreshore parklands of the picturesque Swan River, the Hyatt Regency Perth offers the quintessential location for both business and leisure travelers and to catch up with AICC fellow members!

The Hyatt has classic spacious guest rooms and suites, award-winning dining, dedicated meeting and events spaces, where the AICC hosted His Holiness the Dalai Lama twice at our unforgettable Major Business Luncheons in 2007 and again in 2015.

With an outdoor heated swimming pool to complete your home away from home experience, we invite you to savour unparalleled views coupled with a legacy of exemplary Hyatt service, whether you’re visiting on business or for an indulgent weekend getaway.

AICC(WA) Exclusive offer to members & sponsors – 15% off the Hyatt’s Best Available Rates either room only or room and breakfast, simply visit, conduct a booking search and ensure you enter the ‘Special Offer Code’ – EVNT for the discount to apply.

Data Engineering

Digital Operation Advisory

DE empowers business owners and managers to take advantage of growth opportunities by implementing custom cloud-based business management software and automation solutions, allowing them to scale their business without the hassle. DE solutions empower clients to deal with the complexity of managing:

Data Engineering Testimonials:  Data Engineering have helped growing businesses as follows:

Check out our accounts payable automation explainer video:

DE’s offer to AICC(WA) members includes free access to DE’s on-demand seminars and 10% discount on DE’s empathetic ideation session valued at $1,050 – available to buy via the DE website.


DE is also offering 10% discount on all fixed price mobile commerce application development services. Check out DE’s Partners

Living Online

Award-winning digital marketing and brilliant ideas that give an overall marketing experience.

Having a positive and well-strategized online presence is a fundamental requirement for any company in this day and age.

Whether your website is a lead generation tool or an online brochure, your social media sells your products and services or is just used for company updates, everything you put (or don’t out) out there will have an influence over existing and potential customers.

Living Online can help you maximise your digital presence to meet your objectives, whatever they may be. Our team can work with you to unpack the intricacies of websites, search engines and social media channels and help you take full advantage of the digital marketing suite.

Here’s how we’ve helped other businesses in WA impact their bottom line with digital marketing:

Check out more case studies here:

“The digital strategy the Living Online team mapped out and executed, has significantly increased awareness of the business and grown revenues over the past 2 years.”

Could this be you?

We are offering all AICCWA members a FREE one-hour digital strategy session. Contact us today to book yours.

Best Marketing Agency in Australia in 2020

Best Small Integrated Search Agency in 2022


Make Lemon App

Award-Winning Custom Mobile App, Software and Website Development and Design Services

LemonApp is a new and innovative Perth-based app development specialist, making custom apps affordable and accessible for small to medium business and not for profit organisations in Australia without compromising on quality, user experience and ongoing support.

Although we’re new to Perth, we’ve been designing and building apps and websites for over a decade, helping businesses around the world develop cutting edge apps and digital marketing platforms that achieve competitive advantage, greater productivity and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Hundreds of customers rely on us to supercharge their business, liberate their workforce, dominate their market and delight their customers.