Connect with Israel

Business Opportunities

A core function of the AICC is to encourage and promote bilateral trade, knowledge exchange, business and investment between Australia and Israel for all. 
This is achieved through local business networking events and the co-ordination of inbound and outbound commerce & trade delegations and targeted connections through ‘Outreach’ services.
We offer our members trade support services including seminars, introductions to Israeli companies and customised business programmes to and from Israel. We have an open to all policy, being a non for profit, apolitical organization with no religious affiliations.
The value of Australia-Israel bilateral trade in 1970 was $10 million. This relationship has grown exponentially since then, and stood at over $800 million last year (Israel Ministry of Industry and Trade and Austrade).
There are new trade and investment opportunities constantly arising between the two countries, and we would encourage you to investigate these through the AICC.

Technology Scouting

The AICC can assist you in finding potential business partners, whether it be for exporting or sourcing products and/or services, accessing new technologies, or even visiting some companies during your next holiday or business trip to Israel.

Israeli companies excel in areas of technology, which include Information Technology, Software Development, Telecommunications, Biotechnology, Medical Equipment, Clean Technologies and Agriculture. There are also many Israeli companies manufacturing and exporting other products, including consumer goods, security products, plastics, chemicals, jewellery and religious artifacts.

Similarly, the AICC assists Israeli companies to develop business relations with Australian companies and to secure business opportunities in the Australian market. Specifically, the AICC can help companies identify business partners or distribution channels and access new technologies. We can also assist with arranging business visit programme and with information about doing business in the Australian market.

Delegations: Experience the Start-Up Nation in Person

Innovation is the essence of Israel, and for almost three decades, the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce has been taking Australian business leaders, academics, politicians, and policymakers on trade delegations there to experience this for themselves. Over 300 have participated on AICC(WA) Delegations since 2008 and most recently 30 delegates visited Israel led by WA’s Deputy Premier the Hon Roger Cook. 

These immersive, transformative delegations provide in-depth exposure to Israel’s vibrant innovation eco-system and to the unique characteristics and culture that continue to make Israel a frontrunner in global innovation and entrepreneurial success.

Unrivalled Access to Israeli Business
and Academic Leaders

Our visits facilitate closer business relationships, foster trade and investment, raise awareness of potential joint venture partnerships and technology transfer arrangements, and increase awareness of the extensive opportunities that exist between the two countries.

The increase in the frequency, seniority, and size of delegations in recent years is testament to the growing recognition of the value of our trade missions, and the role they play in advancing trade, investment, and other collaborations between Australia and Israel.

2023  “Have You Ever Thought of Going or Returning to Israel?”

In 2023, the AICC(WA) will conduct two trade delegations to Israel from WA. 

3-11 June 2023 | Start-Up Innovation Delegation“New Economies for WA”

Designed for people in the WA start-up ecosystem (start-ups, investors, IP professionals, incubator and shared space operators and innovation professionals et al). 

Our 2nd planned Delegation (date tbc) is themed on Health and Medical Innovation to further advance the collaboration initiated from the 2019 Delegation led by Deputy Premier Roger Cook.  Leaders of the WA Health & Medical Innovation ecosystem are invited to express their interest in attending or recommending one of their colleagues to experience what they have seen or wish to bring a wave of fresh innovative thinking and network into their organisation. 

Complementing these group delegations we have also booked in several bespoke and private delegations exploring new opportunities in sectors such as ag-tech, hi-data and nanotechnology, green-tech and energy.  

You are invited to join us with AICC(WA) Delegation Director,  Mark Majzner, to see first-hand all that Israel has to offer.  Please contact Mark to learn more and register your interest in these upcoming delegations. If you are thinking about visiting Israel and would like to form a delegation around your area of interest please reach out.